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What We Offer

Do you know that 50% of all Master’s students never finish their dissertations? We can guide you with the dissertation writing process that will ensure that you do indeed graduate.

Program Outcomes

In short : we are 100% ethical, we empower you to be successful, step-by-step discussion, easy and accessible (24/7), self-help guides, over 100 short 5 to 10 minute “how to” videos, critical thinking, academic writing skills, one-to-one mentoring, personal support, community of like-minded students, “quick question” support (voice messages, video messages, email), support for quantitative, qualitative and mixed method dissertations, support for special format dissertations (such as in humanities, social sciences, mathematics, physics).

Course Outline

Three Main Modules of Content:

Module A. Before you start. Key topics:

Before you begin…Important considerations

Choosing and developing your Topic

Managing your supervisor

Academic writing

Where to start

Mastering the Zero Draft

Module B: Write your dissertation. Key topics:

Research Proposal Submission

Chapter Planning

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Literature Review

Chapter 3: Research Methodology. Research Methodology. Standard Research Format Dissertations (Quantitative, Qualitative, Mixed study)

Chapter 4: Results and Findings

Chapter 5: Conclusions



Advanced topics (such as passing with distinction)

Module C. Tools


Software apps, goodies and tools

Special techniques and topics

Developing your questionnaire (Quantitative / Qualitative methods)

Data analysis and reporting

Overcome being stuck

Focus and dealing with procrastination

Defending your dissertation

Advanced topics and applications

More info

Each of these modules consists of between 6 to 10 main lessons

Each main lesson is divided into a number of 5 to 10 minutes short videos about a specific area that it covers

Modular: You only have to watch what you need at that particular time – not necessary to watch everything

Practical approach rather than too theoretical – feet on the ground, no fluff (get the job done)!!

Free private Facebook group for group coaching and to share experiences

Optional personal coaching support

Downloadable tools

Monthly subscription model – no big upfront payments, cancel anytime

Corporate Option: University/College access with corporate rates for all students


    “The effective guidelines of KA ensured that I submitted the most correct and comprehensive draft chapters to my supervisor, which in turn assisted me in completing my final dissertation in a reasonable time.”

    Easter V

     “I found the KA approach very helpful in organising my thoughts and for structuring the dissertation. Once that was done, it was easy to complete my dissertation.”

    Ms WK

    “KickAss Dissertations has an easy, practical approach. The videos are to the point with valuable information and how-to examples. Kickass got me going and has helped me to finish my dissertation in the set time.”

    Deena N.

    The world of academic writing is very strange and daunting for a non-academic person. The practical and uncomplicated approach of Dr Mostert assisted me in understanding this world better and has guided me in completing my MBA dissertation in record time and with very good results.



    Is there a difference between a “Dissertation” and a “Thesis”?

    Yes, it is however university specific. Generally, “Dissertations” are used for Master’s level and a “Thesis” for Doctorate  level. However, some Universities do it the other way around!  That’s Okay! We have standardised on the word “Dissertation” in this series for both Master’s and PhD level dissertations.

    Will KickAss correct my text or write portions of my dissertations?

    No, absolutely not! We follow the highest ethical levels and would like to empower you to be successful!  Our role is to help you with the structure, describing things, encouragement, and general assistance with the necessary tools to write a quality dissertation by yourself and as efficiently as you can!  We also provide optional coaching (mentoring) support.

    Is it possible to complete your dissertation in half the prescribed time?

    I guess it is theoretically possible, but in reality, NO. Most Universities have a prescribed time for your dissertation based on sound, experienced-based reasons, such as 3 to 5 years for a PhD. I have personally worked very focused and efficient on my own PhD and could finish it in just under 3 years. Trying to complete a PhD in half the time, 1.5 years(?), very, very unlikely! Conclusion – don’t listen to the fly-by-night websites that will try to sell you a pipe-dream that is simply not feasible.

    Is the individual coaching option recommended and if so, why?

    If you are a self-starter, motivated and can successfully and independently progress without research support, then I guess that personal coaching is not required. I also understand the cost as a consideration.

    However, the main benefit of adding coaching to your dissertation writing journey lies in the accountability component. By having a coach (mentor) working with you, it greatly enhances your chance to finish early and with quality, because of the check-in and consultation component. Having a coach work with you, he/she will check on your thought processes and provide guidance. We know that it always helps when you have to regularly report back on your progress during your monthly or bi-monthly discussions (accountability).

    Can I revert back from the coaching option to the standard program?

    Yes, any time.

    Universities often have different guidelines – how does KickAss Dissertations deal with it?

    KickAss focus on the principles of dissertation writing, which are common to most dissertations. However, we appreciate that different institutions have different detailed requirements. We know from experience that we support most Universities efforts 100%, but it is always your responsibility to ensure that you follow your university’s guidelines.

    Does KickAss Dissertations take over the role of my appointed supervisor?

    No! Your appointed supervisor is ultimately responsible for the academic integrity of your dissertation. We see our self in a supporting role to you and indirectly to make life easier for your supervisor. Please remember that at all times your supervisor is in charge of your dissertation!

    What if your guidelines or advice is in conflict with my appointed supervisor?

    This rarely happens, but it can!! The reason is that there is sometimes more than one way to approach a problem! There are also personal preferences at play with supervisors. Ultimately, your supervisor has the final say.

    Is it compulsory to belong to the Private KickAss Facebook Group?

    No. HOWEVER, engaging with fellow students can make a big difference! Unlike common WhatsApp groups, with our private Facebook Group you join fellow students that have committed to get a quality dissertation done.  You may be surprised to find out that you are not alone with your challenges! Furthermore, you can gain tips and experience from other students – that is what a supportive dissertation community is about!!

    What is a subscription payment model?

    KickAss Dissertations works on either on a monthly subscription model, or an annual discounted fee. With the monthly subscription model there is no upfront or overall fee. The monthly subscription will be debited to your credit card every month until you cancel it.

    The KickAss Dissertations Coaching Program also works on a monthly subscription model, or an annual discounted fee. It  includes full access to all the videos, private Facebook Group as well as access to a qualified academic coach that will guide you through the process and assist with challenges that you may experience. The coaching includes private (one-to-one) online Skype or similar sessions (i.e. Whatsapp, Slack, etc.) at conveniently scheduled times between the coach and the student. Depending on your chosen package option, you will have number of standard coaching sessions at regular intervals. Premium option Students may also submit short video messages at any time for us to respond to.

    Does KickAss Dissertations guarantee success?

    No, unfortunately not! So far, all our existing students have either finished or are measurably moving forward with their dissertations and I am convinced that they will all indeed graduate. But I cannot guarantee that.

    In my experience the biggest risk for students not moving forward is (i) lack of motivation and real commitment, or (ii) with “weekend only warriors”. When work and life happen on top of the weekend, students that only spent a meagre few hours a month hardly ever move forward. Dissertation writing requires commitment and effort. We strongly encourage daily writing (even just for an hour) to ensure a reasonable chance for success.


    Is Kick Ass Assignments program fully developed?

    Yes, all advertised modules have been developed and are available to subscription students. However, we also keep adding new lessons, videos and tools all the time. All students will have full access to any new content in the respective modules without additional cost.

    Do I have full access to all materials in the first month?

    You will have full access to the Module A (“Plan Your Dissertation”), including considering first things first, selecting your topic and have it approved, managing your supervisor, academic writing, where to start and mastering the zero draft.

    From the second month we will provide you with full access to all the “Write it” chapter modules as well, including writing your Research Proposal, the chapters, referencing and annexures, and advanced topics. You will then also have full access to all tools in Module C.

    Do you have a money-back guarantee?

    Yes, we have an unconditional, 7-days, 100% money-back guarantee.

    Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

    Yes. The cancellation will be effective at the end of the month. We will NOT debit you the following month.

    There are no refunds on annual subscriptions if canceled before the year-end.

    Can I suspend my monthly subscription and continue after a few months?

    No, generally not. You have to maintain your subscription and will not be allowed back on the program unless you pick-up the months that you were not subscribed.

    Will KickAss Dissertations liaise directly with my appointed supervisor?

    No, we prefer that you do it yourself. We can however assist you, where practically possible, for instance to “translate” supervisor comments into “plain English that you can action”!

    Is KickAss Dissertations managed from within a specific university? Is Dr Mostert a full time professor? Is Dr Mostert associated with a specific University?

    No,  we are independent, academic consultants and not associated with any specific University.  We do however have a have close associations with various international academic institutions. Dr Mostert is full-time involved with KickAss Dissertations – focusing on your needs.

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