Masters/MBA Premium Membership Option

With Monthly Individual Coaching and Priority Support

Masters/MBA Professional Membership Option

Full Online Content Access; Coaching Support is Optional Extra; Email Support only

Breakdown for both the Professional & Premium Membership Options.

Postgraduate, Honours, Masters and MBA

Professional Membership without Coaching


  • Full online access to content, no coaching (but is optionally available), email support only
  • An online programme videos and tools focusing on writing assignments and dissertation at the level of postgraduate, MBA and Masters level
  • Three Main Modules:

      Module A: Planning your Dissertation

      Module B: Writing your Dissertation

      Module C: Tools and Advanced Topics 

  • Free Membership to our private KickAss Dissertations Facebook Group
  • Access to free online academic writing blog discussions once a month
  • Free web/Email support within 48 hours turnaround to specific queries
  • Personal coaching (Zoom/Skype/Teams) optionally available at a fee.




Postgraduate, Honours, Masters and MBA 

Premium Membership with Personal Coaching


All professional Membership benefits, PLUS:

  • Assigned, personal (online) academic coach to help guide you with the academic writing process.
  • Monthly coaching Zoom/Skype/Teams calls help promote accountability to ensure your solid progress with your assignments/dissertation. Monthly coaching also assists to set monthly goals and even break-down into weekly milestones to ensure progress
  • Monthly pre-booked, one-hour coaching sessions per year if annually paid /or 1 session every month if on monthly paid subscription
  • Individualised 24-hour WhatsApp, email support with voice notes
  • Free membership to private KickAss Dissertations Facebook Group
  • Access to free online academic writing blog discussions
  • Free monthly webinar with current topics to ensure progress is maintained
  • Optional additional coaching sessions can be scheduled (fee) depending availability of coach.
  • Assistance with unlocking your strategy with your dissertation and to guide the student with actionable academic writing steps
  • For MBA students, we recommend that the student plan coaching session scheduling around assignment due dates. Can potentially request additional coaching sessions (at a fee)


General Guidelines

  • All online programmes are practical, clear without any fluff.
  • All programmes are modular – only watch the specific videos for your immediate needs
  • Coaching goes with pre-requisite online training modules that need to be completed before coaching can be done
  • KickAssDissertations do not liaise directly with appointed supervisors
  • KickAssDissertations coaches/staff do not write content for students
  • KickAssDissertations can optionally copy-edit documents (track changes), it will whowver at all times be the student’s responsibility to evaluate and accept any suggested changes
  • A variety of coaches with different specialities may be assigned,  for example a general academic coach, quantitative analysis coach, qualitative analysis coach.

Additional coaching outcomes

  • Assist students to prioritize all activities needed for academic writing
  • Map out the long-term plan and break down into monthly/weekly plans
  • Develop achievable academic writing goals
  • Understand the application of the Zero draft, professional drafts and final draft
  • Reflection at the beginning and end of every writing session and for planning of next session
  • Develop accountability for the achievement of your writing goals
  • Learn how to collaborate with other academics, role players and students to achieve goals
  • Understand how to selectively engage in workshops presented by the institution
  • Guide students to understand their own distractions and how to manage it
  • Identify internal and external factors in your thinking process and behaviours that sabotage writing outputs

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