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In this section you will find the COMPLETE VIDEO SERIES (18 sections) on how to develop and write your Research Proposal. It will be released  over a period of two weeks, starting on 25 April 2020



You can also use this Research Proposal format for your Topic Proposal and even for Chapter One of your dissertation, the Introduction Chapter

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This is Page 2 : Videos 05 – 07 Objectives and to research Methodology


Research Proposal: 05 Research Objectives


  • Detailed research objectives

Research Proposal: 06 Research Questions

  • Detailed research questions
  • Hyphotheses

Research Proposal: 07 Literature Review


  • Background to literature
  • Global/specific or International/local context
  • Gaps in body knowledge
  • How the literature will inform your study
  • Steps

Research Proposal: 08 Research Methodology and Design

  • Research paradigm
  • Research methodology
  • Research technique/methods
  • Data analysis
  • Academic rigor and ethics

The Research Proposal videos are divided into FOUR pages.
This is Page 2 : Videos 05 Research Objectives to 08 Research Methodology

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