Research Proposal Writing Resources

In this section you will find the COMPLETE VIDEO SERIES (18 sections) on how to develop and write your Research Proposal.  


Remember: You can also use this Research Proposal format for your Topic Proposal and even for Chapter One of your dissertation, the Introduction Chapter

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(There are 18 short, 5-min videos in this series, covering ALL components of the Research Proposal)
This is Page 1 of 4 pages : Background and Intros.

The Research Proposal: Overview

Dr Christiaan Mostert from provides the overview to developing and writing your Research Proposal – the foundation document or road map to your Dissertation/Thesis. It deals with the “How-to?” and the step-by-step of the Research proposal.

Content of this video:

  • Background to the video series
  • Purpose of the Research Proposal
  • Main elements (sections) of a Research Proposal
  • Breakdown of this video series

Research Proposal: 01 Introduction to the Study


  • Create context for your study
  • Bigger picture of the “Why?”

Research Proposal: 02 Background to the Study


Provides more context and detail about the situation or problem

  • Discuss briefly why the problem has come about
  • Discuss why the problem must be solved

Research Proposal: 03 Problem Statement


  • Context to problem
  • Problem statement

Research Proposal: 04 Purpose Statement / Aim of the Study

  • Background to the Purpose statement/Aim of the study
  • Purpose statement

The Research Proposal videos are divided into FOUR pages.
This is Page 1 : Videos 00 Overview to 04 Aim of the Study.

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