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KickAss Dissertations came to light following our insights into how many of our fellow masters and PhD students found their dissertation journey a considerable frustration. KickAss Dissertations is uniquely focussed on getting you to plan, write and finish your dissertation – quickly and with quality.

If you feel that you lack academic support in some way, KickAss Dissertations is here to help you overcome it! We support both your supervisor and institution fully and do not take over their role. We simply want you to succeed!

Dr Christiaan Mostert headed up the design team – all highly experienced in dissertation writing,  practical and to the point – no fluff!

KickAss Dissertations – empowering you to get your dissertation done and dusted!”

Here is why our team is best suited to host kickass dissertations –
WE have a proven track record of academic success!

Dr Christiaan Mostert

I have been an independent consultant for over 25 years. I am also a neuroscience accredited business coach. Furthermore, I have personally completed three dissertations with great success:

  • A PhD in economics, which I completed in under 3 years while the expected time was 3 years to 5 years.
  • A research MSc dissertation which I completed Cum Laude and finished in 20 months while the expected time was 2 to 3 years. I also received an award for the Best MSc Dissertation for the year.
  • An MBA Dissertation, which I completed Cum Laude while completing the dissertation inside the recommended 6 months.
  • I have also passed every single one of my MBA academic modules with distinction, which consisted of 10 academic assignments, projects and examinations.

This is to highlight for you that I have been exposed to the many challenges that students face daily. Both my professional and extensive academic success have led me to develop the KickAss Dissertations approach. I completed all my dissertations in less than the prescribed time without compromising the quality of any of them. Furthermore, I have completed all three dissertations as a part-time student, working a full-time job and with family responsibilities. To have achieved this, I have worked according to a specific approach and study methodology in all my studies, and I want to share with you my proven approach to success.  I am your MBA Mentor or PHD Mentor to achieve your own future!!

KickAss Dissertations – Academic Consultant’s Page

KickAss Dissertations Consultants are all independent academic consultants and can engage with students through the KickAss Dissertations Platform.

Karen Nel is a PhD candidate and she completed her MBA in less than the prescribed time and with an average mark of over 80%.

She is very knowledgable, and her contribution to KickAss Dissertations is her sharp academic mind and being busy with her own PhD, which has helped to make this course practical and current for you.

Karen is also a neuroscience accredited business coach and assisting fellow students on a part-time basis.

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