Dissertation/Thesis writing made easy!

Let me help you with your Topic decision, Research Proposal and how to write your Chapters.

Dr Christiaan Mostert – Academic Mentor
Finish your topic, research proposal and dissertation quickly and easily!
I mentor students on how to get going with their dissertations and how to maintain momentum, so that they can graduate!

If you are frustrated, feel that you are stuck, lack academic support or you simply just don’t know how to proceed, I can help solve your frustrations!
Let me help you to plan your dissertation topic, develop your research proposal, how to research, write and finish your assignments or dissertation quickly and with quality.

Undergraduate / Honors

Writing Projects / Assignments

Target Students:

Honours Degree Students

University and College students at undergraduate level

Postgraduate Diplomas

Postgraduate Certificates


…that have to submit module projects and assignments

Masters / MBA


Target Students:

Postgraduate students on Masters degree level, including MBA students

(Full time / part-time)


…that have to submit module assignments and a dissertation or thesis

Doctoral / PhD


Target Students:

Doctoral / PhD degree level

(Full time / part-time)


…that have to submit module assignments and a dissertation or thesis

Dr Christiaan Mostert – Your Academic Mentor

We can guide you with additional dissertation writing support, such as developing a customised plan to move forward: 

* Easy self-help system with email support, available 24/7
* Personal support with one-to-one coaching and individual assistance.

KickAss has a practical “Step-by-Step” approach, dealing with the “How to” and “What’s next” questions.


How-To Support

Over 245 short and easy to search by topic videos, with step-by-step guides on how to write any disseration.


High impact, solutions focussed videos to ensure you can progress with your dissertation without feeling constantly frustrated.

24/7 Support

24 hr support turnaround with premium membership –  email, Skype, Zoom & messaging. Never feel alone while writing your dissertation.

Online Guidance

Full online support to answer your questions like “What are the steps”; “How to” and  “How to structure my chapter”? .


Book a free, no-obligation personal coaching call with Dr Christiaan Mostert. I would like to know about your challenges and to explore possible ways to move forward

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