Many countries have either implemented strict general lockdowns for their citizens, or at least have strict social distancing guidelines to deal with COVID-19. Whichever, most of us are more at home than usual.

If you are employed, then most employers will expect you to “work-from-home” in some manner. But what do we do with the rest of our time? Watching Netflix and Showmax?

Consider the impact you can have on your dissertation progress if you can research or write 4 hours a day, every day of the lockdown!

How often have we wished for just two hours per evening to work on your dissertation? Well, now that you are home-based and there is no travel to-and-from work anymore you save at least 2 x 1 hours per day getting ready for work and to commute to and from work.

This then becomes FREE TIME for you to add to your dissertation writing! TWO hours free time not commuting plus your regular TWO hours in the evening, easily gives your FOUR HOURS per day to work on your dissertation! This is your opportunity! Grab the available time with both hands!

If you plan and use the next three to six weeks carefully, you can get much of your dissertation done and move substantially forward towards its completion.

Here is a practical example of such as daily planner for you:

Kickass Dissertations 4 hour Blueprint Lockdown
Kickass Dissertations 4 hour Blueprint LockDown


Finishing your dissertations is medium-term project. You have to be realistic that you have to go through all the hoops – Introduction –> Literature study –> Methodology –> Research Results –> Conclusions. Depending where you are with your dissertation, you may become technically stuck in one area.

The solution will be that, unless you can solve it through academic support, that you move on to another area and to start working on that with your available time. Do not waste time.

An example can be that if you are stuck in your data collection, to switch back to your literature study an completing that, or work forward on preliminary conclusions and so forth – all of these actions will save tremendous amounts of time later on and will actively help you complete your dissertation.

Working in a focused manner to optimize your time with the different sections and which will make a big difference to move your studies forward!

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Dr Christiaan Mostert


Balance your work, study and personal life. In lockdown, remaining sane is a surprisingly vital thing to achieve!  Plan your day and stay focused on the end goals – protect yourself and your family, your health and, yes, get to GRADUATION!

I can help you to finish your dissertation quickly and with quality! A small investment in additional academic support for a month or two only on HOW TO MOVE YOUR DISSERTATION FORWARD QUICKLY AND WITH QUALITY can have a significant impact on your graduation date.

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Dr Christiaan Mostert                    

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